White Swan Harley Street is our flagship clinic – luxurious, centrally located and, as always, with one of our expert doctors on hand to guide you through every step of your treatment. White Swan’s ethos is that the key to delivering the best possible facial rejuvenation is having a highly skilled doctor, with an artistic eye, using world class products. One of the most common concerns our clients have is the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our Botox anti-wrinkle treatments help reduce existing facial wrinkles to create beautifully smooth skin. Common ‘problem areas’ we can target include forehead lines and crow’s feet, but we can treat many other advanced areas too including the ‘Nefertiti’ neck lift, droopy mouth, anti-sweating and Botox migraine treatment. Whilst Botox is traditionally used to address existing wrinkles, many of our younger clients are opting for a pre-emptive approach known as ‘Baby Botox’. This is designed to prevent the initial formation of facial wrinkles and help the skin maintain a youthful glow. Following treatment, results can be seen within the first couple of weeks and will generally last between 3 and 5 months. To ensure our clients are delighted with the results, we offer a complimentary follow up consultation and ’top up’, if required. Rather than having treatment blinkers and simply focusing on the one area of concern, White Swan believe in carrying out a full-face consultation before any treatment to assess your facial features, proportions, areas of volume loss and signs of ageing. This ensures you are offered the best combination of treatments to suit your face and treatment needs. Call us on 0333 577 7926 or contact us via our booking page White Swan Aesthetics is pleased to bring our range of aesthetic beauty treatments, including Botox, to Harley Street in London. You could not get a better location than Harley Street, and White Swan feel very privileged to be in this famous medical district within central location. The quality of our treatments and our level of care and attention matches the esteemed Harley street location. From our delicate and natural dermal filler treatments to our skin remodelling and anti-wrinkle injections, we offer only the best products administered by expert injectors.

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This is one of the most popular areas for anti-wrinkle treatment, especially amongst younger clients because there will always be active forehead wrinkles, regardless of age. Younger clients often choose to have ‘Baby Botox’ on the forehead, which gives very natural results whilst still smoothing the forehead and preventing future wrinkles from forming. Clients love having this area treated because it instantly makes you look fresher and happier. Often when people are concentrating, or even at rest, frown lines appear between the eyebrows which can give an angry appearance. With anti-wrinkle injections this expression can be softened and the lines that it creates can be prevented. These are the little lines that develop around your eyes when you smile. Having this area treated will not affect the way you smile and the eyes will still move into a smiling shape, but with fewer associated wrinkles. This area is great for an almost instant youthful effect. It only lasts a few weeks but it works almost immediately and is a lovely treatment to have just before a party or a special occasion. This area is wonderful in the summer months because it means the nose does not scrunch up in the sunshine and create unusual tan lines and wrinkles. These are the lines that form when you purse your lips and can easily be reduced with two small injections above the lip. Some clients dislike the way the chin pebbles during certain facial expressions, this can be resolved with a carefully placed Botulin Toxin injection in the centre of the chin. Some clients dislike the appearance of their smile because there is too much gum showing. This can be easily corrected without the need for gum or teeth surgery, by well placed Botulin Toxin A injections. As dentists, the White Swan team are particularly good at advising when this treatment is suitable and ensuring it will compliment and enhance your existing smile. A 'Botox eyebrow lift' really helps to open up the eye area and give the appearance of a wider eye. However, it will not help to reduce any excess upper eyelid skin. As you age the corners of the mouth start to tilt downwards to give an overall unhappy appearance. This treatment aims to neutralise the mouth position and prevent the corners of the mouth drooping further. Additionally, you can have your marionette lines treated with dermal filler. These are the lines that go from the corner of the lip downwards. The combination of both the Injectables and filler treatments gives a fantastic result. The muscles on either side of the jaw can sometimes enlarge and make the face and jaw area appear square and large which can give a masculine appearance. This treatment can help to slim the lower half of the face to give a more feminine and attractive shape. Botox under the armpits has a fantastic antiperspirant effect and so can stop you sweating for 6-9 months. You can be the coolest cucumber in the gym or at an important meeting. This treatment doesn’t mean you sweat more elsewhere or damage the sweat glands in any way. There are two treatment which can be done on the neck area. The first is the Nefertiti neck lift, which tightens joules and gives the effect of a non-surgical facelift. This treatment will reduce the “turkey neck” effect and enhance the jawline. The second is treating the necklace lines, which go across the neck in bands.

1 Area £200

2 Areas £260

3 Areas £320

4 Areas £380

5 Areas £440

This is our standard pricing but sometimes may vary according to the location of the salon. 30 minutes 1 - 2 weeks Mild brusing / swelling Asymmetry (adjustment required) Allergy (very rare) Immediately 1 Hour 24 Hours No anaesthetic necessary 3 - 4 months The dentist or doctor will use their expertise to carefully map out the way your muscles move with white pencil and decide how to target them to achieve the best results possible. Tiny insulin needles are used to place the solution under the skin. With the correct technique this is nearly painless. Initially small bumps appear where the Botulin Toxin solution has been placed but these resolve within 20 minutes. 1-2 WEEKS LATER: The client is raising her eyebrows in this picture but no wrinkles are forming and the skin looks much smoother. Dentists have a detailed knowledge of head and neck anatomy and excellent manual dexterity. This unique skill set is perfect for offering facial aesthetic procedures. and receive a free Whitening Top Up or a free additional anti-wrinkle area with your next treatment.