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White Swan Harley Street is our flagship clinic – luxurious, centrally located and, as always, with one of our expert doctors on hand to guide you through every step of your treatment. White Swan’s ethos is that the key to delivering the best possible facial rejuvenation is having a highly skilled doctor, with an artistic eye, using world class products.

One of the most common concerns our clients have is the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our Botox anti-wrinkle treatments help reduce existing facial wrinkles to create beautifully smooth skin. Common ‘problem areas’ we can target include forehead lines and crow’s feet, but we can treat many other advanced areas too including the ‘Nefertiti’ neck lift, droopy mouth, anti-sweating and Botox migraine treatment.

Whilst Botox is traditionally used to address existing wrinkles, many of our younger clients are opting for a pre-emptive approach known as ‘Baby Botox’. This is designed to prevent the initial formation of facial wrinkles and help the skin maintain a youthful glow. Following treatment, results can be seen within the first couple of weeks and will generally last between 3 and 5 months. To ensure our clients are delighted with the results, we offer a complimentary follow up consultation and ’top up’, if required.

Rather than having treatment blinkers and simply focusing on the one area of concern, White Swan believe in carrying out a full-face consultation before any treatment to assess your facial features, proportions, areas of volume loss and signs of ageing. This ensures you are offered the best combination of treatments to suit your face and treatment needs. Call us on 0333 577 79260333 577 7926 or contact us via our booking page.

White Swan Aesthetics is pleased to bring our range of aesthetic beauty treatments, including Botox, to Harley Street in London. You could not get a better location than Harley Street, and White Swan feel very privileged to be in this famous medical district within central location. The quality of our treatments and our level of care and attention matches the esteemed Harley street location. From our delicate and natural dermal filler treatments to our skin remodelling and anti-wrinkle injections, we offer only the best products administered by expert injectors.

Treatment Areas


Botox, when applied between the eyes and on the forehead, can help smooth out wrinkles and lines, both horizontal and vertical. This works by firming up the muscles and helping them relax. Botox is now approved for use on the forehead by the FDA and should always be done by a professional to ensure even and natural-looking results. In the beginning, you'll receive small doses, which are increased based on your need and your professional's judgement. Botox is ideal for helping you look less stressed and worried. You'll get the treatment about every 4 months, though you may need to come back after two months the first time around.

Frown (Glabella)

The vertical lines between your eyebrows are called the glabella and they often appear as you age, especially if you frown a lot. Stress, fatigue, anger and frustration all lend a hand in their appearance. Each time you frown, your glabella muscles are pulled together and down. The continual contraction and relaxation of the muscles not only created the lines but can also make the eyebrows appear closer together. This can give you the look of a permanent frown. Botox can help smooth those lines, so you look more relaxed and gives off a better first impression to people you meet, including on first dates and during business meetings.

Crow’s Feet

Crow's feet, or laughter lines, appear at the corners of your eyes and can be quite pronounced. Crow's feet are often the deepest of the lines that can appear on the face. Age and sun exposure are the two biggest contributors to crow's feet. If you want to erase any reminders that you're ageing, Botox can help relax those muscles, masking the wrinkles and keeping them from getting worse. That means you look younger and also feel more confident about the way you look. You won't need any anaesthesia and can get back to normal right after the procedure.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

This is a completely non-invasive treatment that targets the jawline and neck and is an easy alternative to other options. It's named after the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, who was considered to have an especially elegant and regal jawline. You'll see almost immediate results that are quite impressive, though some patients may go on to need more invasive surgery as they get older. Botox injections are made along the lower jawline and on the underside of the neck to rebalance the muscles and even out the jawline, something that has long been associated with beauty. This procedure will give you a well-toned and smooth look on your neck and jaw.

Lift The Corners Of The Mouth

Drooping at the corners of your mouth can be blamed on genetics, weight loss, or as a result of ageing. These lines are called marionette lines (as they resemble the fine strings that hold puppets) and can extend from the corners of your mouth down your chin. Over time, these lines can become quite deep and will make you look sad or unhappy. If people often tell you to cheer up, this is probably the treatment for you. During Botox in this area, the lines are numbed, and you'll get about 10 injections in each, taking just a few minutes from start to finish. An ice pack alleviates any discomfort afterwards.

Smokers / Lipstick Lines

Lines around your lips can prove your age and often appear due to smoking but they aren't always caused by an unhealthy habit. These lines can occur due to the repeated puckering of your lips to apply lipstick, regular tanning, making duck pouts for selfies, and repetitive whistling. Fortunately, Botox injections can erase them by relaxing the muscles and make the lines and wrinkles appear less pronounced. You'll see some results right away, while others will gradually appear over the weeks following the procedure.

Bunny Nose

If you scrunch your nose when you smile and laugh, you might have bunny nose lines on your face. They tend to appear as you age and can form as straight or diagonal lines. They can also appear if you've had Botox in other areas, causing the muscles around your nose to work harder since the others are relaxed. This is becoming one of the most common areas for cosmetic treatment. Like other parts of your face, Botox is the best option for treating bunny nose lines. Be sure to have the procedure done by a professional to prevent drooping around your mouth.

Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating)

Excessive sweating is not normal, and though it might not sound like an obvious treatment, Botox can really help. If you sweat a lot or sweat through your clothes often, even in the wintertime, this could be beneficial for you. Sometimes prescription medication works, but only to a certain degree. Botox is a great backup for when the medicine isn't working. When Botox is injected at the site, it works by blocking the sweat glands to prevent sweating. It's ideal for the armpit area and is a great alternative to other invasive methods.


Single treatment area - £200

Additional treatment areas - £60

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Single treatment area - £200

Additional treatment areas - £60