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Botox anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most effective ways to not only reduce the appearance of existing facial wrinkles, but to help the prevention of future wrinkles. The treatment can be used for common problem areas, such as forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, to give the appearance of more youthful looking skin.

Results from the treatment can be fully seen within 2 weeks, with results lasting for up to 5 months. It’s also popular now to use the treatment as a pre-emptive anti-aging method with a procedure we call Baby Botox. This is often used by our younger clients to help offset the early signs of aging.

We are pleased to be working with All About The Girl to offer Botox in Northcote, Clapham Junction. All About The Girl offer a diverse range of health and beauty treatments in a relaxed, modern atmosphere. From a quick manicure or tanning session to hair and makeup sessions, they aim to have you looking and feeling your best.

Working with the team here at All About The Girl, Dr Imogen of White Swan Aesthetics offers a range of aesthetic facial treatments ranging from botox to dermal fillers in Northcote, Clapham Junction area. We believe in treating each client on an individual basis and with her combined knowledge of the intricacies of facial anatomy and experience in this field, Dr Imogen can provide you with a high quality service.

Treatment Areas


When Botox is given it aids in relaxation and smoothening of the straight lines and perpendicular wrinkles between the eyes. After injection of Botox, the muscles that cause the wrinkles relax making the wrinkles to disappear over time. The wrinkles also have an effect of the patient seeming to be anxious or undergoing stress. The FDA has now approved injecting Botox on the forehead as a valid treatment. However, the treatment should be performed by a professional as injecting inappropriately can lead to irregular or drooping eyebrows. Initially, the patient is injected with a low dosage of Botox but as time passes, the doctor will establish the amount of Botox to inject based on the results of the previous dosage. After the first injection, you will be required to go back after two months for the professional to monitor progress but injection are done after every four months.

Frown (Glabella)

The vertical lines between the eyebrows are the ones referred to as glabella lines and they are as a result of years of frowning. The lines are related to emotions such as frustration, stress, tiredness, and anger. When the glabella muscles contract, they cause the lines in the eyebrows coming closer together and being pulled downwards. The area with the frown also gives you an aggressive look. Once you get a Botox injection, the muscles will relax resulting in a positive and relaxed look. When you look relaxed and positive, you will notice a change in the way people react when they meet you for the first time. It will greatly help especially when going out on a date or attending a business meeting as a first impression is very important in some situations.

Crow’s Feet

Also referred to as laugh lines, Crow’s Feet are the wrinkles found on the eyes; at the corners. Distinct from other lines, they are manifested more clearly and penetrate the skin more. The major cause of Crow’s Feet is exposure to ultra violet rays and aging. They are a constant reminder that age has caught up with you and they sometimes make you look even a decade older than you actually are. Once you receive the Botox injection, the muscles responsible for Crow’s Feet will relax making you look younger. This will add confidence in your looks even when you go out. It is important to note that the injections can be ticklish; however, there is no need for anesthesia. Once you’ve received the treatment, you can go back to your daily routine without trouble.

Nefertiti Neck Lift

This is a treatment that is non-invasive that treats the neck and jaw line. It is a better alternative to the more invasive operations. The name of the treatment was that of an Egyptian queen who had a reputation for elegance and a distinct jaw line. The Nefertiti Neck Lift produces results that are visually impressive but the individual will eventually need an invasive surgery as they advance with age. The treatment is done by injecting Botox in the lower jaw line and platysma muscle located at the lower side of the neck. The injection improves the definition of the jawline by rebalancing essential muscles. The treatment will give you a uniformly coloured and smooth neck since a well-defined jaw line and a long neck have been long perceived to be a sign of elegance and beauty since Egyptian times.

Lift The Corners Of The Mouth

Drooping of mouth corners is caused by aging naturally, genetics, or loss of weight which results in visibility of marionette lines found at the mouth corners to the chin. After sometime, the lines turn into deep wrinkles that will be make you to always look sad and discontent. After undergoing a health assessment and pictures of the area taken, you will start treatment where an anesthetic cream will be applied to the lines. Each of the visible lines will get about 10 injections using a fine needle. Treatment only takes a few minutes but you will receive an ice pack after treatment to cool down. The treatment is for those people even when they know they are happy, people often think they are sad due as they always appear to be sad.

Smokers / Lipstick Lines

Smokers lips or Lipstick lines are a sign of aging and also a sign of some unhealthy habits such as smoking and tanning. Other causes are regular whistling and those who take duck face selfies. However, a injected Botox can clear the lines by relaxing your lips muscles. The injection will help in making the lines appear less deep without imprinting on the skin. There will be a slight change immediately the injection is administered but clearly visible changes will be noticeable after some weeks.

Bunny Nose

These are fine lines that are visible when you laugh or smile deeply and you scrunch up your nose. They are mainly a sign of aging but Botox treatment could also be a cause of their appearance. They are visible as straight or diagonal lines on the sides of your nose. When you receive a Botox injection, it leads to overworking of the other facial muscles leading to more visibility of the bunny lines. To make them less pronounced, Botox injections are done on the lines as they are becoming a public issue. However, have the treatment done by a professional or expert to prevent your mouth from drooping from the corners.

Hyperhidrosis (Excess Sweating)


Single treatment area - £200

Additional treatment areas - £60

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