Dermal Fillers In Harley Street, London

White Swan Aesthetics

Ten Harley Street Ltd
10 Harley Street

Dermal filler enhancements are a non-surgical, aesthetic facial procedure designed to rejuvenate deeper wrinkles and scars or to plump out and recontour features including the lips, chin, cheeks and jaw. White Swan are a team of dentists and doctors and so they have an appreciation of smile design and an artistic eye which allows them to deliver expert lip filler enhancements.

White Swan Harley Street also offer specialised dermal filler areas including the tear trough (under eye), non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), neck, temples and jawline. All our doctors use market leading products including Juvederm and Restylane and tailor their product choice to match the clients’ specific needs and the area being treated in order to achieve the most aesthetic result.

The doctors at White Swan Aesthetics have extensive knowledge and expertise in assessing facial features, anatomy, skin quality and volume loss and will offer bespoke dermal filler recommendations to each individual client using White Swan’s unique 6-step facial consultation process. This ensures that you are guided towards the best combinations treatments to suit you and your desired outcome. For example, by combining dermal filler treatment with Obagi prescription skincare or Botox, you may not only enhance the initial results but also prolong the longevity of the treatment.

White Swan Aesthetics is delighted that our flagship clinic lies in the famous Harley Street medical district. We are in good company amongst the other medical experts and those at the cutting edge of the cosmetic industry.

We offer our full range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments in Harley Street, including Dermal Fillers, skin remodelling Profhilo, Botox and teeth Whitening. You could not get a more classically beautiful London location than Harley Street, and White Swan feel very privileged to be here and to serve our clients in this prestigious part of the city.

White Swan have built their reputation on delivering Harley Street quality treatments and the highest level of care. Our doctors guide you through the entire treatment process and our priority is achieving the best possible outcome for each and every person that walks though our door.


£300 per 1ml syringe

£200 for additional syringes on the same area