Teeth whitening in Covent Garden

  • Make sure both your consultation and treatment are carried out by a qualified practitioner like a Doctor or Dentist. Sometimes, clinics will offer a consultation with a doctor but then the procedure itself is carried out by someone much less qualified. The more knowledge about anatomy a clinician has, the safer you will be and the better the result. With White Swan Aesthetics, only doctors and dentists carry out the procedures and our safety record is excellent. Dr Imogen , director of White Swan, often works in the Covent Garden clinic herself on a Sunday.
    1. Ensure you are getting top quality products. Like with anything, there is a huge variation in the type and quality of products available – particularly for dermal fillers. White Swan mostly uses Juvederm or Aliaxin filler products because they provide beautiful, predictable results and have very few reactions associated with them as they are so pure.
    1. Look carefully at the doctor’s client reviews and ‘before’ and ‘after’ snaps. Pictures speak a thousand words.
    So if you fancy immersing yourself in the rich and intriguing culture of Covent Garden then maybe you will be also tempted to dip your toes into the world of medical aesthetics. Do not hesitate to book a consultation for Botox, fillers or teeth whitening with one of White Swan’s qualified dentists or doctors at Hebe Covent Garden. ]]>