The truths about Antiwrinkle Injections

They are painful: antiwrinkle injections naturally involve some mild discomfort but the treatment takes very little time and very few people experience pain. Most practitioners are trained to help keep you relaxed during the treatment so a fear of injections should not put you off. Distortion: the frozen faces that you see the media are extreme examples of this treatment. You will still be able to move your face and show emotion after having the treatment. Paralysing: the solution has no effect on muscles themselves so following treatment you will still be able to move the muscles of your face to express emotion. Poisonous: the solution does not travel around your body or affect other parts and so you cannot be poisoned or overdose. Addictive: Since it does not spread through your body, there is also no way it can become addictive. The results however may be moreish! ]]>